About us

Little Player Magazine is the Premiere video game magazine made especially for kids. Our editorial staff consists of video game industry veterans, teachers and most importantly, gamer moms and dads who are concerned about young players being exposed to content meant for mature audiences.

The idea for Little Player was born several years ago when my own son was nine years old, but the only video game media available was—and still is—designed for mature audiences. According to studies, over 90 percent of kids are playing video games these days. Gamers in the 5 to 12 year old age group number in the tens of millions, yet there are no magazines expressly geared toward their reading level and interests.

One of the greatest joys I can remember from my childhood was getting an issue of Nintendo Power in the mail. My passion is for this younger generation of video gamers to discover the joy of print magazines and to finally have a voice in this industry.

Each issue of Little Player will include features showcasing popular video games, as well as game reviews written from both kids’ and parents’ perspectives. Little Player magazine is especially designed to be interactive in the sense that kids will be contributing reviews, not just reading them.

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 Little Player Magazine Issue 0 - 20 Page Preview - Digital Edition

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Martin Alessi
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
Little Player Magazine